Date Subject   YouTube Link Study Material
17th March 2024 Topic - Complexities in Bank Branch Audits
By CA Sanjay Khemani
17th March 2024 Topic - Indian Equities-Opportunities and Challenges
By CA Vikram Kotak
10th March 2024 Topic - FAIS - Forensic Accounting and Investigation Investigation Standards
By CA Nikunj Shah
10th March 2024 TTopic - Stress Management
By CA Rihika Shah
09th March 2024 Topic - Inheritance and its Nuances
By CA Rajat Dutt
09th March 2024 Topic - Recent Developments and Issues in TDS / TCS
By CA Prachi Parekh
18th February 2024 Topic - Cyber Security Glimpses - protect your Office
By Mr. Sachin Dedhia
10th February 2024 Topic - Demat of Shares - Mandatory for Private Companies
By. FCS. Sanjeevlata Samdani
4th February 2024 Topic - Professional Opportunities for Chartered Accountants
By CA Murtuza Kachwala
4th February 2024 Topic - NRI Taxation
By CA N.C.Hedge
1st February 2024 Topic - Analysis of Budget Analysis of Provisions on Direct Tax & Analysis of Budget Provisions on Capital and Debt Market
By CA Haridas Bhat, CA Mahesh Bhageria and CA N K Jain
14th January 2024 Topic - Overview of TDS Compliances - TRACES and Common Issues in TDS Compliances - Q & A
By Mr. Rajneesh Yadav, Mr. Kolachina Suresh Kumar, Ms. Kalpan Shulla, Mr. Prabhat Pandey and Mr. Nizamuddin Khan
14th January 2024 Topic - Sec 43B - Important Amendments Applicable From AY 2024 -25
By CA Jayesh Shah Date 
7th January 2024 Topic - Seminar on Mock Search Under GST
By CA Manish Gadia, CA Deepak Thakkar, CA Smit Jhunjhunwala, CA Gautam Lath, CA Dhiraj Terawakar and CA Bijal Doshi
TDS Compliances    
TDS Introduction TDS Introduction, Correction & Refunds FINAL    
Sec 43B    
43B 43B Amnedment Presentation    
17th December 2023 Topic - “Time Mastery and Stress Relief”
By CA Ramnat Iyer
17th December 2023 Topic - PIssues in Capital Gains on Immovable Property
By CA Vimal Punmiya
17 December 2023 Time Mastery and Stress Relief CA Ramnar Iyer    
17 December 2023 Issues in Capital Gains on Immovable Property CA Vimal Punmiya    
10th December 2023 Topic - Professional Ethics.
By CA Shriniwas Joshi
10th December 2023 Topic - Leveraging AI to Enhance Chartered Accounancy Practice
By CA Mitesh Katira
10 December 2023 Professional Ethics CA Shriniwas Joshi    
10 December 2023 Professional Ethics CA Shriniwas Joshi - 3    
10 December 2023 Professional Ethics CA Shriniwas Joshi - 2    
10 December 2023 Professional Ethics CA Shriniwas Joshi - 1    
10 December 2023 Practical Examples of AI Developments in the Tax and Accounting World CA Dinesh Tejwani    
18th November 2023 Topic - Practical Issues and Reconciliation between GSTR 9, 9C, 1, 2B and 3B  
18th November 2023 Topic - Recent Developments in ITC
By CA Kevin Shah
5th November 2023 Topic - Valuation under Income Tax & Fema and Valuation of CA Firms
By Drushti Desai Date : 5th November 2023
5 November 2023 Forensic Audit - Overview and Case Studies CA Drushti Desai    
4th November 2023 Topic - Starups and MSME- Unleashing Professional Opportunities in Govt Subsidies and Incentive Schemes including PLI
By CA Sachin Tulsyan
4 November 2023 Starups and MSME - Unleashing Professional Opportunities in Govt Subsidies and Incentive Schemes including PLI - CA Sachin Tulsyam    
21st October 2023 Topic - Will, Succession and Nomination
By CA Rajeev Shah
21st October 2023 Topic - Prepack Insolvency Resolution Process
By Prashant Jain
8th October 2023 Topic - Indian Debate Market - Current outlook
By CA Mahendra Jajoo
8th October 2023 Topic - India Equity Market at all Time High - What next?
By Mr. Mihir Vora
1st October 2023 Topic - GST Annual Return - Practical Issues and Importance in Department Audits
By CA Sajjan Kanodia
1st October 2023 Topic - Professional Ethics - Important Case Studies
By CA C N Vaze
10 September 2023 Topic - Disclosure of Foreign Assets in Tax Returns
By CA Mahesh Nayak , CA Hardik Mehta & CA Kartik Badiani
10 September 2023 Topic - SA 550 - Related Party & SA 570 - Going Concern
By CA Suhas Pai
09 September 2023 Topic - Audit Checklist and Documentation Cloud Tools for Small Firms
By CA Jigar Shah
09 September 2023 Topic - Common Errors in Financial Reporting & Audit Report
By CA Abhinav Chhajed
03 September 2023 Topic - Important Issues in Tax Audit
BY CA Yogesh Thar
26 August 2023 Topic - Annual Company Law Compliances
BY CS.Raj Kapadia
20 August 2023 Topic - GST Issues to Consider For Closure of Books of Accounts
By CA. Jayesh Thakkar
20 August 2023 Topic - Compliances - an Ocean of Opportunities
By CS. Gaurav Jain
06 August 2023 Topic  - Analysis of "50th GST Council Meeting Decisions"            
 By CA Manish Gadia  
06 August 2023 Topic  - IT Reassessments: Recent Developments and Practical Issues                
 By CA Kinjal Bhuta    

09 July 2023 Topic - TDS - Recent Developments and Practical Issues
By CA Pinki kedia

02 July 2023 Topic - Financial Statements for Non Corporate Entities
By CA Padmashree Crasto

02 July 2023 Topic - Taxation of Various Investment Instruments
By CA Haridas Bhat

25 June 2023 Topic - Capital Account Transactions - Regulator's perspective
By Mr. Satish Charipalli

25 June 2023 Topic - Changes / Amendments Relevant for filing ITR of AY 2023 - 24 and common issues in return filing
By CA Shashank Mehta

24 June 2023 Topic - Audit Automation and other features of Tally Prime 3.0
By Mr. Sanjay Shukla

17 June 2023 Topic - Various Permissible Investments in India by NRIs under FEMA,1999
By CA Naren Madlani

04 June 2023 Topic - Corporate Social Responsibility - Practical Issues and some Perspectives
By CS Kalidas Ramaswami

04 June 2023 Topic - Audit Report Forms and other Recent Developments in Charitable Trusts/NGO's
By CA Ravi Gupta

28th May 2023 Topic - Taxation of Charitable Trust - Latest Amendments and Judgments
By CA Vipin Batavia

28th May 2023 Topic - Demystifying sustainability - Opportunities in ESG, SSE and Social Audit
By CA Priti Savla

27th May 2023 Topic - Recent Developments under GST: Judicial and Legal
By CA Sumit Jhunjhunwala

20th May 2023 Topic - Negotiation Skills for Chartered Accountants
By Mr. Eric Martin

20th May 2023 Topic - Living Wills
By Adv. Meera Sanzgiri

07th May 2023 Topic - Finance Act, 2023- Impact on Direct Tax
BY CA Piyush Chhajed

29th April 2023 Topic - The Whole Gamut of year end Finalization
By CA Nitin Bhuta

23th April 2023 Topic- Capital Markets- The way
By Mr.Ajay Bagga

23th April 2023 Topic - Reset your mindset - To get what you want in career & life
BY Mr.Harish Mehta

01st April 2023 *Topic - Important Audit Tools for Bank Branch Audit* *By CA Dhananjay Gokhale*
*Virtual Study Circle meeting was organized by J.B Nagar CPE Study Circle of WIRC of ICAI* on *01st April 2023*
15th April 2023 *Topic - Audit Trail - Legal and Technical Aspects* *By CA Punit Mehta*
*Physical Study Circle meeting was organized by J.B. Nagar CPE Study Circle of WIRC of ICAI* on *15th April 2023*
15th April 2023 *Topic - Audit Trail - Legal and Technical Aspects* *By CA Punit Mehta*
*Physical Study Group Meeting was organized by J.B. Nagar CPE Study Circle of WIRC of ICAI* on *15th April 2023*
15th April 2023 *Topic - Audit Trail - Legal and Technical Aspects* *By CA Chintan Shah*
*Physical Study Group Meeting eeting was organized by J.B. Nagar CPE Study Circle of WIRC of ICAI* on *15th April 2023*
19th March 2023 Women Leader (Women Empowerment) & Health Mantra (Health is Wealth) & Live Balanced Life (Personal & Professional)* *By CA Shilpa Jain, CA Ruchi Shukla, Physiotherapist Dr.Nikita Singhania, Dr. Namrata Tejwani, CA Nidhi Lalpuria & CA Vijyatta Jaiswal* *Physical Study Circle meeting was organized by J.B Nagar CPE Study Circle of WIRC of ICAI* on *19th March 2023    
29th January 2023 Topic - Importance of Actuarial Valuations and Related Opportunities for CAs
By Padmaja R

Physical Study Circle meeting was organized by J.B. Nagar CPE Study Circle meeting was organized by J.B nagar CPE Study Circle of WIRC of ICAI on 29th January 2023
29th January 2023 Topic - Importance of Actuarial Valuations and Related Opportunities for CAs
By Kartikey Kandoi

Physical Study Circle meeting was organized by J.B. Nagar CPE Study Circle of WIRC of ICAI on 29th January 2023
29th January 2023 Topic- Workshop on Office Tools and Cyber security post COVID
By Mr. Sachin Dedhia

Physical Study Circle meeting was organized by J.B. Nagar CPE Study Circle of WIRC of ICAI on 29th January 2023
21st January 2023 Topic - Overview of UAE Corporate Tax and Implications for free Zone
By CA Rajiv Hira and CA Janak Panjuani

Physical Study Circle meeting was organized by J.B. Nagar CPE Study Circle of WIRC of ICAI on 21st January 2023
15th January 2023 Topic - 194R Important case Studies
By CA Abhitan Mehta & CA Sumit Jhunjhunwala

Physical Study Circle meeting was organized by J.B. Nagar CPE Study Circle of WIRC of ICAI on 15th January 2023
15th January 2023 Topic - Related party Transactions
By CS Savithri Parekh

Physical Study Circle meeting was organized by J.B. Nagar CPE Study Circle of WIRC of ICAI on 15th January 2023
25 December 2022 Topic  - Standards on Auditing "Dos & Don'ts"      
 By CA Abhijet Sanzgiri    

25 December 2022 Topic  - Recent Changes in Code of Ethics                                  
By CA C N Vaze 

24 December 2022 Topic  - Unique Advantages of using Cloud  Accounting              
 By CA Jigar Shah

11 December 2022 Topic - Explore the Power of your image
 By Ms. Shaifali Singh 

11 December 2022 Topic - Panel Discussion on Practical aspects & Intricacies in GSTR9 & 9C                 
By CA Pranav Kapadia  & CA Rajiv Luthia 

26 November 2022 Topic  - GST Annual Filings  (GSTR9 & GSTR9C)
 By CA Archit Agarwal

13 November 2022 Topic  - Stock market  - How to become a Successful Trader          
By Jitendra Khandol

13 November 2022 Topic  - Recent Changes in GST                  
By CA Manish Gadia

9 November 2022  Topic  - Stock market  - Learning with Earning during live session            
 By Jitendra Khandol

15 September 2022 Topic  - Analysis of Section 194R_ New Avataar                                
By CA Pinki kedia

14 September 2022 Topic  - GST Amendments                      
By CA Jayesh Gogri 

11 September 2022 Topic  - Burning Issues on Tax Audit (Panel Discussion on Important case studies                          
By CA Harish Motiwalla & CA Darshak Shah 

11 September 2022 Topic  - Tax Audit Guidelines_ Important Recent Changes                  
 By CA Chandrasekhar Vasant Chitale

21 August 2022 Topic  - Key Changes in CARO & Schedule III under Companies Act        
 By CA Vishal Doshi

21 August 2022 Topic  - Understanding of Financial Statements in Context of GST              
 By CA Sunil Gabhawalla

20 August 2022 Topic - Important Clauses in Tax Audit            
 By CA Yogesh Amal 

6 August 2022 Topic  - Important Audit Tools                                    
 By CA Punit Mehta & CA Niranjan Oak

24 July 2022 Topic - Amendments in Taxation of Charitable Trust by Finance Act 2022
By CA  Suhash Malankar
23 July 2022

Topic  - Taxation of Shares & Derivatives Transactions
By Mahavir Atal  

17 July 2022 Topic - Recent Changes in Direct Tax Law and Issues in ITR
By CA Aditya Pradhan
17 July 2022

Topic - Important case Studies on Capital Gain and Presumptive Taxation
By CA Kinjal Bhuta

3 July 2022

Topic - NRI Taxation
By CA Vyomesh Pathak

3 July 2022

Topic - Changing Paradigm of LLPs
By CS Raj Kapadia

26 June  2022

Topic - Recent Changes in ITR Forms
By CA Shashank Mehta 

26 June  2022

Maharashtra Amnesty Scheme 2022- Department Overview
By Mr. Sanjay Nikam & Mr. Kishore Bagul

18 June  2022

Topic- Changes in TDS /TCS Provisions
By CA Avinesh Rawani 

5 June 2022

Topic- Common Mistake in Determination of Total Income
By CA Nitin Bhuta

29 May  2022 Topic - Code of Ethics- Dos & Dont's
By CA Manoj Fadnis & CA  Kemisha Soni 
15 May  2022

Topic- Latest Amendments, circulars and Compliances
By CA Aditya Zantye 

15 May  2022

Topic- Professional Opportunities and Landmark Judgments
By CA Ramesh Prabhu

8 May  2022

Topic- Panel Discussion on Interplay of Ind-AS, ICDS & GST
By CA Milan Mody, CA Naresh Sheth & CA Gopal Bohra

8 May  2022 Topic- Panel Discussion on Interplay of Ind-AS, ICDS & GST
By CA Milan Mody, CA Naresh Sheth & CA Gopal Bohra
24  April  2022 Topic  - Maharashtra Settlement of Arrears of Tax, Interest, Penalty or Late Fees - Amnesty Scheme 2022
By CA Janak Vaghani & CA Deepak Thakkar 
17  April  2022 Topic  - Recent Amendments in Schedule III & CARO
By CA Yagnesh Desai  
17  April  2022

Topic- Recent Amendment in Schedule III & CARO
By CA Shriniwas Joshi

03  April  2022

Topic - Recent Changes under GST & Handling of GST Assessment Notices, SCN and Summons under GST
By CA Jignesh Kansara

27 March  2022

Topic- Bank Branch Audi
By CA Jayesh Kala

20 March  2022

Topic  - Bank Branch Audit
By CA Amarjit Chopra

13 March  2022

Topic - Digital Branding for CAs within the four corners of Code of Ethics
By CA Shraddha Dedhia & CS Jigar Shah 

26 February  2022 Topic  - All about Mergers, Demergers and Amalgamation at NCLT including Recent Landmark Judgments
By CS Ashish Lalpuria
20 February  2022 Topic  - Professional Opportunities in Cyber security
By CA Narasimhan Elangovan 
03 February  2022

Topic  - Analysis of Provisions in Direct Tax as per Finance Act 2022
By CA T P Ostwal 

30 January  2022 Topic- Dimensions of Related Parties under Companies Act & CARO
By CS Savithri Parekh
23 January  2022

Topic - Forensic Audit - Opportunities for the Future
By CA Sushrut Chitale

09 January  2022

Topic  - Overview of recent updates/Amendments under Companies Act, 2013 & Intricacies and deadlines for Annual Filings under Companies Act,  2013
By CS Raj Kapadia

08 January  2022

Topic  - Communication Dynamics
By CA Insha Feroze  

02 January  2022

Topic  - Recent Changes & related Burning Issues under GST
By CA Tarun Arora 

19th December 2021 Overview of IBC Code, Insolvency Process of Personal Guarantors & Pre-pack Insolvency Process under IBC by CA Khushboo Shah Rajani & CA Ayush Rajani  
12th December 2021 AIF, REITs and InvITs – Structuring, Regulatory Compliance, Taxation including Taxation from Investors Perspective by CA Dhaval Vakharia & CA Shital Gharge  
28th November 2021 Refund under GST by CA Deep Chheda  
27th November 2021 Investor Awareness Program – Buy or Sale, how to approach Current Equity Markets? by CA Vijai Mantri   No Material
21st November 2021 Legal Issues in Tax audit by CA Ketan Vajani  

14th November 2021 Recent Developments in NRI Taxation by CA Naman Shrimal   No Material
31st October 2021 “Blockchain Technology & Crypto Currency” Opportunities and Challenges for Chartered Accountants by CA Akshay Sakaria  
30th October 2021 Value Addition in Internal Audit by Chartered Accountants by CA Manish Pipalia  
23rd October 2021 Formation and Scope of Multidisciplinary Firm by CA G Sekar (Central Council Member)   No Material
17th October 2021 (Session 2) Indian Equity Market – 60000 Sensex – Way Forward by Mr. Shrikant Chouhan  
17th October 2021 (Session 1) Various Opportunities available to Chartered Accountants in Equity Market as Entrepreneur and as Professional by CA Manoj Agarwal  
03rd October 2021 Usage of Excel in Day to Day CA Work by CA U Saran Kumar   No Material
26th September 2021 Issues relating to GST Input Tax Credit by CA Sunil Gabhawalla  
25th September 2021 Professional Opportunities in RERA & Redevelopment by CA Ramesh Prabhu & CA Amit Mohare  
19th September 2021 Practical Aspects of Indian Accounting Standards (IND-AS) by CA Vikas Jhunjhunwala  
12th September 2021 GST Annual Filing 20-21 with Practical Case Studies, spill over effects and RCM Issues by CA Aanchal Kapoor  
05th September 2021 Detecting & Investigating Financial Frauds by CA Nikunj Shah  
29th August 2021 Decoding Section 56 of Income Tax Act by CA Krupa Gandhi  
21st August 2021 CARO, 2020 and Schedule III Analysis by CA Milan Mody  
14th August 2021 Will, Nomination & Daughters Rights in Father’s Properties by CA Vimal Punmiya  
08th August 2021 Tax Audit u/s 44AB – Critical Issues by CA Pankaj Saraogi  
07th August 2021 Practical Aspects on Search & Seizure Post Amendments by Finance Act 2021 by CA Snehal R Shah  
01st August 2021 Faceless Assessment & Faceless Appeals under Income Tax Act, 1961 by CA Adv Kapil Goel   No Material
25th July 2021 Preparation of Multipurpose Dynamic Project Financials by CA Shiwbhagwan Assawa  

24th July 2021 Key changes in ITR Forms & Critical Developments in E-Filing in New Income Tax Portal by CA Dr Abhishek Murali   No Material
18th July 2021 Recent High Court & Supreme Court Rulings used by Direct Tax Professionals by CA Mahiranjan Sahu  

11th July 2021 Key Issues in Classifications & Departmental Audit under GST by CA S.S. Gupta  

04th July 2021 Practical Issues in UDIN by CA Shriniwas Joshi & CA Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal  
27th June 2021 Corporate Audit – Reporting Pitfalls by CA S Ramesh  
20th June 2021 Roadmap to Initial Public Offer (IPO) by CA Mahesh Bhageria  
20th June 2021 Easy Yoga for Professionals by CA Malvika Mitra & Mr Dinesh Bhojwani   No Material
13th June 2021 FEMA – Foreign Direct Investment Provisions (Schedule I, IV & VI) by CA Manoj Shah  
06th June 2021 Accounting & Taxation Issues for Real Estate Developers by CA Vyomesh Pathak  
30th May 2021 Accounting Standards applicability to Non Company Entities by CA Chintan Patel (RCM)  
29th May 2021 Latest Updates in TDS by CA Pinki Kedia  
23rd May 2021 Code of Ethics by CA Kemisha Soni (CCM & Chairperson – CPE Committee)   No Material
16th May 2021 FEMA Audit from Auditors perspective by CA Rajesh Shah  
09th May 2021 Startups in India – Investment & Fund Raising – Opportunities for Professionals by Dr Apoorva Sharma   No Material
02nd May 2021 Valuation: An Additional Specialised Professional Opportunities for CAs by CA Pratik Singhi  
25th April 2021 Pre-packaged Insolvency Resolution Process with Recent Amendments in IBC – be a domain expert by CA Adv Ashish Makhija   No Material
24th April 2021 Charitable Entities: Recent Amendments & Procedure for Re-Registration by CA Vipin Batavia  
18 April 2021 Important Indirect Tax Jurisprudence by CA Avinash Poddar   No Material
11 April 2021 Latest Amendment in Companies Act 2013 by CS Divesh Goyal  
04 April 2021 Analysis of Finance Act 21 by CA Piyush Chhajed  
04 April 2021 Annual General Meeting  
28th March 2021 Audit in CBS Environment by CA Abhijit Kelkar

Finacle Report Import & Analysis via Excel for Branch Audit by CA Dhananjay Gokhale

No Material

21st March 2021 Panel Discussion on Issues in Bank Branch Audit by CA Vipul Choksi (Past WIRC Chairman), CA Sanjeev Maheshwari (Past WIRC Chairman & Past CCM), CA Himanshu Vasa (President & Business Head – Kotak Mahindra Bank) & CA Shriniwas Joshi (Past WIRC Chairman & CCM)   No Material
20th March 2021 Statutory Bank Branch Audit by CA Dhananjay Gokhale  
14th March 2021 Drafting & Representation Skills before Income Tax Authorities by Adv Ajay Singh  
13th March 2021 Taxation & Structuring of LLP by CA Shripal Lakdawala   No Material
06th March 2021 TDS from payments to Non-Resident (including filing of Form 15CA & 15CB) by CA Jagat Mehta  
28th February 2021 Cloud Tools – Audit Checklist & Documentation for small firms 1. Paid Tools Summary, 2. Free Tools explained with live examples – Google Drive, AirTable, Zoho Projects by CA Jigar Shah   No Material
21st February 2021 Tax Planning through HUF Family Arrangement & Will by CA Sunil Talati (Past President – ICAI)   No Material
14th February 2021 Decoding GST proposals vide Union Budget 2021 – 22 & recent radical GST Amendments by CA Deepali Mehta  
14th February 2021 Standards on Auditing – Implementation by SMPs by CA Vishal Doshi (Vice Chairman WIRC)   No Material
7th February 2021 Clause by Clause Analysis of Finance Bill by CA R Bupathy (Past President ICAI)   No Material
3rd February 2021 Impact of Budget on Capital Market by CA S.P. Tulsian   No Material
3rd February 2021 Impact of Budget Provisions in Direct Tax by CA T.P. Ostwal  
31st January 2021 Recent Advance Rulings under GST & related issues by CA Rajiv Luthia  
24th January 2021 Overview – Amendments to MCS Act, 1960. Income Tax & GST Provisions applicable to co-op HSG Societies by CA Shilpa Shinagare (Regional Council Member)  
23rd January 2021 TallyPrime – Ease of GST Compliance & Audit by CA Vandana Dodhia   No Material
16th January 2021 Current & Capital Account Transactions under FEMA & related issues by CA Manoj Shah  
3rd January 2021 Code of Ethics – Recent Changes & Important Aspects by CA Mangesh Kinare (Past Chairman – ICAI)  
2nd January 2021 Tally – Its TallyPrime Time by CA Jiten Mehta   No Material
13th December 2020  NRI Taxation by CA Prakash Kotadia & Mr Vinay Deshmane
12th December 2020  Corporate Taxation by CA Atul Suraiya
6th December 2020 Investor Awareness Program – Wealth Creation CA Vijai Mantri    No Material

5th December 2020
Recent Updates in GST by CA Pranav Kapadia  
29th November 2020 Recent Judgments of High Court & Supreme Court by Adv K Gopal  
21st November 2020

Recent Amendments relating to Charitable Institutions under MPT Act, 1950 & IT Act 1961 by CA Dr Gautam Shah
08th November 2020 Overview of changes in ITRs of AY 2020-21 by CA Shashank Mehta   
07th November 2020

Transfer Pricing & Documentation by Dr. CA Mayur Nayak
31st October 2020 SEBI Settlment Scheme CA Arun Goenka  
31st October 2020 Stock Market – Key Points Mr. Sumeet Bagadia

No Material
18th October 2020 GST Automation with Excel CA Sandeep Modi   you can download Excel Sheet from Website (Goods & Services Tax)
11th October 2020 Practical Auditing issues in Tax Audit & Companies Audit  CA Manoj Fadnis Past President ICAI  
10th October 2020 Blockchain Technology – The Powerhouse of Industry 4.0  CA Paritosh Basu  
04th October 2020 Issues relating to Tax Audit for SME & Documentation  CA Jhankhana Thakkar  
03rd October 2020 Amendments in TDS/ TCS provisions under Income Tax Act  CA Ketan Vajani  
26th September 2020 Revised Code of Ethics Volume II issued by ICAI with practical aspects  CA Aseem Trivedi   No material
20th September 2020 Faceless Assessment  Dr. Bharat Vasani
CA Khyati  Vasani
CA Rima Shah
19th September 2020 Accounting & Auditing Profession – then, now and way forward  CA Nilesh Vikamsey
CA Subodh Kumar Agarwal
  No Material
13th September 2020 Finalization of Accounts and GST Compliances  CA S. Ramesh  
06th September 2020 Tax Audit for AY 2020-21  CA Sekar G
Central Council Member
  No Material
05th September 2020 Amendments relevant to AY 2020-21 including presumptive taxation  CA Mahendra Sanghvi  
30th August 2020 Professional Opportunities in IPR  CA Purushottam Khandelwal  
16th August 2020 Annual Compliance and provisions of deposits & loan for private limited company  CS Divesh Goyal  
9th August 2020 Concept of Equalisation Levy under Income Tax Act, 1961  CA Jatin Kanabar & CA Manish Shah  
8th August 2020 Features of MS Excel in day to day CA Practice  CA Saran Kumar   No Material
2nd August 2020 GST Audit  CA Abhay Desai  
1st August 2020 GST Annual Return  CA Umesh Sharma  
26th July 2020 Overview of MLI & Impact on Tax Deduction under section 195  CA Vyomesh Pathak  
25th July 2020 Next Generation Audit Tools (including Data Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, Process Mining Tools, etc.)  CA Murtuza Kachwala RCM  
19th July 2020 Presentation on Simplify Practice Software Mr Amay Gurjar  
19th July 2020 Panel Discussion on Practice Management Software – Increased Productivity and Implementation Challenges 
CA Dinesh Tejwani (Moderator)
CA Mitesh Katira
CA Heneel Patel
Mr. Veerendra Jamdade (CEO Vritti Solutions) – Panelists
No Material
12th July 2020 Succession Planning for CA by CA Mahendra Turakhia   No Material
12th July 2020 Udyam Registration and Benefits  CA Chintan Shah

11th July 2020 Cyber Security in CA’s office  Mr. Sachin Dedhia  
05th July 2020 Amendment in Companies Act 2013 & Impact of COVID 19 in Statutory Compliance & Procedures  CS Savithri Parikh   No Material
28th June 2020 Standards on Audit – Key considerations in Financial Statements  CA Sanjeev Singhal
CA Parveen Kumar
21st June 2020 Pranayam & Meditation (on the occasion of International Yoga Day) CA Malvika Mitra & Mr Hemant Kumar   No Material
21st June 2020 Issues & Recent changes in filing TDS returns  CA Avinash Rawani

20th June 2020 Code of Ethics – Overview & Developments  CA Shashikant Barve  
14th June 2020 Amendments brought in by Finance Act 2020 & Provisions of Taxation & other Law Ordinance 2020  CA Dr. Girish Ahuja   No material
07th June 2020 ITC under GST  CA Manish Gadia  
6th June 2020 MSME in India – How CA’s can take benefits?  CA G.B. Modi  
31st May 2020 Do’s & Don’t in Company Audit  
24th May 2020 Capital Market – way ahead  CA S.P. Tulsian
CA Mahesh Bhageria
  No Material
17th May 2020 SME Funding Challenges post COVID 19 by
Mr. Suresh Nair
(Dy. General Manager, SBI)
CA B.L. Maheshwari
10th May 2020 Work from Home – A New Normal By CA Jigar Shah & CA Mitesh Katira
03rd May 2020 Succession Planning and Drafting of the Will by Adv. P.A. Jani   No Material
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